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2012 Artists


January 2012 Artist of the Month

Lauri Bauer Novak grew up in St. Charles and lived here for 30 years.

"I have been taking photos ever since I received my first Kodak X-15 Instamatic Camera at the age of 10.   In grade school, my best friend's father was a photographer, we got to "play" with cameras and in the darkroom.  With camera in hand I was fortunate growing up to have traveled around the US more than most at an early age.

Traveling gave me an appreciation for the world around me.  I started seeing in a different way, different perspective and appreciating what I saw. As I got older I had the opportunity to travel a little bit overseas which opened up my eyes to other cultures and even more ways of seeing the world.  Capturing these views and perspectives on film at first and now digital and sharing them is my passion.  I am finally pursuing this passion and as they say - if you love what you do and do what you love you'll never work a day in your life.

I see the world in photographs and love that my photography helps others to see the world around them in a new and different way."

~ Lauri Bauer Novak


February 2012 Artist of the Month

The great American artist, Edward Hopper, put it quite simply, “If I could say it in words, there would be no reason to paint.” I find great catharsis in art and as a result my artwork is usually inspired by some human emotion, whether that is excitement, confusion, ecstasy, contentment, or passion itself. My goal as an artist is to be able to express my feeling and also to evoke some sort of sentiment from the viewer. If I have stimulated any sort of emotion from the viewer, I feel I have achieved my objective. One of the greatest endeavors in artwork is to share your art with the world, so please ENJOY!

If you have any questions about the displayed artwork, please feel free to contact me:

Phone: 847-630-7071


March 2012 Artist of the Month

Vanishing Visions by Claudia Frost

Artist's Statement

A few years ago, I regularly drove past an astonishingly beautiful old white barn, a simple beauty, its mood changing daily. It was a reminder of where I first experienced cornfield tractor rides, egg gathering and gardening; a child's joy each summer, an opportunity that became a lifelong connection. Fortunately, one decisive day I photographed the barn which was stunning beneath a deep blue sky and fleecy white clouds.Two weeks later the barn's demise was quick and sudden. No last rites, no mourning time. Remnants of the venerable, picturesque Midwest farm disappeared. Concrete walls replaced the pleasant rural scene. The photo, to me, became a lasting tribute and visual record of a charming, but quickly vanishing agricultural lifestyle. My images continue to reflect my affection for lonely abandoned farm structures quietly resting alongside rusting and aged verdigris farm equipment. Through digital photography, I hope to always be able to admire these wonderful American icons, receding ever so quickly from our growing suburban landscape. Thank you to Elgin Community College Photography Instructors, Claire St. John and Travis Linville, and Graphics Design Instructor, Connie Orbeta, for their excellent instruction so that I could share these visual reminders of a quieter rural culture.


April 2012 Artist of the Month

The Wayne Art League are painters of all medias; watercolor, oil acrylic, oil pastels and pastels, etc. During the winter we paint at the Little Home Church by the Wayside and during the summer we paint outdoors at various locations around the Fox Valley and beyond. During the winter season we also have guest demonstrations once a month which are interesting and informative. If you would like more information, please call Mary Ellen Segraves at 630-513-0236 or email

The Wayne Art League meets Mondays between 9:30 a.m. and Noon at Little Home Church by the Wayside, 32W128 Army Trail Road, Wayne, Illinois.


May 2012 Artists of the Month

Becky Blaine

I find inspiration for my work by observing and interpreting organic forms that exist in nature. I create images that are inspired by these forms and other found objects.  I have used watercolors, color pencils, chalk pastels and a variety of printmaking media to develop these images. I also like to explore different mark making processes and build layers of marks and images on different work surfaces.  I often blend representational images derived from life with more abstract marks in the work. I also use mixed media, and I am exploring collage and book making in my current work.

Jo Cawthra

I discovered oil pastels about five years ago as I sought an outlet for my desire to create in some art medium.   My former careers as an art teacher, then a full-time mom and finally an art therapist had been rewarding and offered many opportunities for me to use my art.  Now retired, with grown children, I could indulge myself in some joyful pursuits of my own interests.
I was drawn to oil pastels by their ease of application and the lack of complicated equipment needed.  But it was the wonderful qualities of the media such as the richness of color and the textural possibilities that seemed similar to oil painting that attracted my creative interest.
My paintings often are inspired by photographs I have taken or by my own imagination.  My art is meant to be peaceful, gentle or perhaps restorative and thus joyful and comforting.  Hopefully the viewer senses something positive while looking at my paintings.

Sandra Frigolett
Artist Statement

I am a photographer and photo manipulator. I use the camera and computer to create. I love taking pictures of just about anything, but my specialty is older automobiles. I love their organic curves, their size and stately appearance. However, for me it is not enough to just take a picture, I also need to change the photo in some way. I use my computer as my canvas, combining photos in such a way to create a new reality in the finished photograph. I also love lots of bold color, which is reflected in most of my work. I am a life-long student of learning and experimenting. I always love to experiment with different aspects of the computer software on my photographs to see if I can visually persuade the viewer into thinking what I have done is real. I find much joy in being a creative person, and feel blessed that I have been given this creative talent.

Joe Hernandez

Joe is an established ceramicist who works with a variety of clay media to create vessels, pots, lidded forms and other objects on the potters wheel. After retiring as an instructor at Waubonsie Community College, Joe has spent his time creating ceramic work, volunteering as a mentor to students in the ceramic arts and judging area art shows. Joe also loves to travel and is a great advocate for the fine arts, sharing his talents and experiences with students of all ages. Joe is a graduate of Marmion Academy and exhibits his artwork in an annual show at the school. Joe also helps with installations for the Norris Gallery at the Norris Cultural Arts Center in St. Charles.

Sally Stancati
A Closer Look…details in life and art

My interest in, and depiction of, commonplace objects from both nature and modern manufacturing is enhanced by the use of macro photography which allows the viewer that closer look. Objects take on a sense of drama from the intricate details of a flower or plant or a new world of playful imagination in the study of favorite childhood toys. I utilize the same concepts in layering macro images to enhance my series of images from my travels.

CUSD #303 Student Art Exhibit

July 2012 Artist of the Month

Mixed Media

Illinois Youth Center

August 2012 Artist of the Month

Charles Durran

September 2012 Artist of the Month

Library Staff

October 2012 Artist of the Month

Lindsay Olson

November 2012 Artist of the Month

Conceptual Drawings

James Manos

December 2012 Artist of the Month


The Artist of the Month is on exhibit for the entire month at the St. Charles Public Library on the Mezzanine level. For further information: please contact Denise Blaszynski, 630-584-0076 x 240.