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2013 Artists


January 2013 Artist of the Month

As an artist, Bruno Vanoudenhove uses his photographic background to create photo realistic portraits in black and white acrylics. Having traveled through many European cities, Bruno, through his paintings, shares his love for the beautiful symmetrical designs of historical architectural monuments. When he first arrived in the United States, he was awed by the tall buildings which were like a garden of Larkspurs, blossoming out of the beautiful lake that stood before them. He marveled at how this concrete “garden” of magnificent buildings created a skyline that integrated both form and function; yet, ebbed and flowed with nature. He transformed his love for well-known Chicago landmarks into intense and elegant art works.

Bruno was born in Belgium; he was introduced to photography 15 years ago. He has honed his photographic skills by an array of classes and by following the forever-evolving world of photography. Bruno attended photography, drawing and painting workshops and art classes at Harper College and the Harrington School of Design. Presently, he is engaged painting famous Chicagoland structures.



February 2013 Artist of the Month

Nick Freeman is a St. Charles resident who has been producing oil paintings of local scenery for over 20 years. Landscapes, portraits, still lifes and scenes of everyday activities are all subjects he has enjoyed tackling. Realism is his preferred approach and his technique is strongly influenced by the great masters. He has participated in local and regional exhibits and provides workshops on oil painting and art history. More of his work can be seen at


March 2013 Artist of the Month
My college degree is in art and elementary education. Early on, I taught various levels in the classroom and finished my teaching career with 20 years in elementary art. I am currently retired from teaching and am now focusing on custom portrait work. I have worked in various media. My pet portraits are created by layering colored pencils using different techniques.

Contact the artist at:
Pamella R. Bernard


April 2013 Artist of the Month

Born in Chicago, Re learned the love of art at a very young age.  While Re pursued an education in business and marketing, she still made time to follow her calling to create.  She has worked in oil, watercolor, acrylics, and pencil, and has created works in photography, hand-painted silk scarves, and hand-painted cards.  She studied ornamental horticulture and worked as a designer for many years at shops in Bloomingdale and Wheaton.  She has also worked as a mural and faux painter.  As she entered the empty nest season of life, she pursued mixed media and collage classes at the Naperville Art League and LaGrange Art League.  Her instructor, collage artist Laura Lein-Svencner, was a key influence in the development of her love of collage and who helped her make the connection to this meaningful art form.  She helps women define their dreams through Journey board workshops, where participants create a visual of their dreams through collage.  She is a member of the Midwest Collage Society, and lives in Bartlett with her husband of 33 years.


May 2013 Artist of the Month

My transition from Mumbai (India) to St Charles has been a roller coaster ride for me. This move ironically connected me back to my art. After a 13 year gap, I started painting again. Now painting is my way of life. My art merges imagination and memory; places I visit and people I meet.

I know what is going in your mind when you hear word artist “Media”. Frankly I do not see media in art, I just see color. I paint in all kinds of art media including watercolor, pencil, charcoal, oil and pastel. Currently I am exploring oil pastel and am truly enjoying this media.  I want to make a connection to all through my art and that also means YOU.   I feel art is free way of expressing yourself maintaining others sentiments. Currently I am displaying the artwork from different media and subject work. Most of them are part of themes. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.



June 2013 Artist of the Month

Ken Reif Artworks

Artist Statement

"The truth will set you free."
For me that truth is in my artwork.
Turning two dimensional surfaces into compositions that evoke emotion.
Painting and the instruction I have received has changed the way I see the world.
I am set free every time I stand at the easel.
I am set free when I look through artist's eyes.
I am set free to create.

Thank you for allowing me to share my art with you. It is my goal to evoke emotion through my artwork.  At an early age, I realized a deep respect for nature, a respect that is transferred to canvas.  I am also a musician and my love of music compels me to paint portraits of musicians.  I was born and raised in Chicago area and am currently working at two studios, one in Berwyn and one in Marseilles.

I am an award winning artist, current member of the Board of Directors for the Oak Park Art League and past president of OPAL.

Please contact me at



July 2013 Artist of the Month

CUSD #303 Student Art Exhibit

Mixed Media



August 2013 Artist of the Month

Ed is a native Chicagoan who has called Geneva his home since 1987.  As a high school student in that far away land of the early 1970s, he managed to put down the record album covers long enough to complete a few crude drawings. Paleolithic cave artists everywhere winced at the results.  Just as he was learning to give his stick figures a shadow or two, cruel fate intervened and Ed was forced to go out and get a job. Unforeseen by him, his employers demanded huge amounts of his time, sometimes up to eight hours a day.  The #2 pencils and loose-leaf paper went into storage, and Ed concentrated on building his empire.  Eventually he ended up in the western suburbs building roads and highways. A lifelong obsession with traffic signals and left turn lanes had begun. As occasionally happens, a wife and children appeared on the horizon, and Ed settled into the time-honored routine of parent, partner, provider.

In 2001, while drawing a squirrel he had seen in an ad stating, “So! You think you’re an artist!”  Ed’s new wife told him, “You know, that kangaroo isn’t half bad, why don’t you take a few hundred art courses?”

After several years of going to such local schools as The Fine Line and The DuPage Art League, he took a serious step and enrolled at Waubonsee Community College.  In the last five years, he’s completed 10 different art classes and has gotten to the point where his paintings don’t require (in his mind anyway) the lights to be turned off.

Ed initially painted in watercolor, and one of those is displayed here. Other medium he enjoys are pastels and oils, which make up the majority of what you see. Many of the sights and sounds of his 20 plus years out on the roads are portrayed in his work. “I find beauty in many of the things we take for granted in our everyday travels”.  His art has appeared in various shows and publications.

You can contact Ed at 630-207-1507.




September 2013 Artist of the Month

Nancy has enjoyed photography since she was a nine-year-old with a box camera.

Earlier this year, she had the opportunity to fulfill her 30-year-long dream of visiting the ancient Inka ruins of Machu Picchu. Along the way, she discovered the beautiful and fascinating country that is Peru.

Presented in the Net.Gallery are a few of the many photos taken while hiking through various lesser-known ruins, the Andes High Sierra, the city and marketplaces of Cuzco, and of course, Machu Picchu itself.

Enjoy the journey.




October 2013 Artist of the Month

Robert Dicke is a published professional artist who has exhibited in galleries and art shows in the Chicagoland area for the past decade. His extensive portfolio includes photographs that have appeared in national magazines. Robert has a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Concordia University.

Robert’s technique is to use the camera, as would an artist would uses a pen or pencil. He achieves this effect by altering his images through the lens of the camera and the use of darkroom techniques. Robert has trained himself to be able to take photographs with limited light source. He also employs the use of computer software that can deliver similar effects without the use of harmful chemicals in darkroom.

In 2007, Robert produced a series of picture that he called “Painting with Light”. Painting with Light was a project involving of the uses of light and shadow. By 2008, “Painting with Light” was at nine different galleries locations. The Second Series of Photographic prints is called “Modern American Past.” “Modern American Past” is an outlook of how Modern Day American honors their past by recreating an historian figure or event from the past. And from this set of images his photograph “Ghosts of War” was feature on the art channel Ovation TV website. By the fall of 2009, Ghosts of War was honored with an award.

The Current Photographic Prints series “Portraits, Still life & 3D” is Robert Dicke Third Series of photographic prints.

Robert is known for running many different shows at the same time. “I’m a person who likes to see his photography be in many places at once.”


November 2013 Artist of the Month

Kristi Leigh DiFulvio (a St. Charles North Graduate in 2009) earned her BFA in Printmaking from Northern Michigan University in Marquette, Michigan in May of 2013. Currently, she is pursuing a second Bachelor’s degree in Art History at NMU. She has already had several honorable opportunities for a young artist, including a residency at Grin City Collective in Grinnell, Iowa, as well as being selected as an "Emerging Artist" at the East Lansing Art Festival in East Lansing, Michigan.

DiFulvio most often works with handmade paper, screen printing, and stitching. Her colorful, abstract, mixed-media pieces are experiments in which she seeks new ways to combine the three different mediums.

She is interested in exploring the difference between conscious and subconscious actions in art in order to better understand the spectrum of human emotion. “Intuitive choices capture honest and accurate portrayal of moods, often before I am mentally aware of my desires or worries. That precise, honest documentation is what I am fascinated with.”

This exhibit features work from her undergrad studies, as well as work completed during her time at Grin City Collective’s Artist in Residence program. All work is for sale. For more information, visit her website at



December 2013 Artist of the Month

About the Artist:

Barb Vlack is internationally known for her expertise at using the Electric Quilt software, produced by The Electric Quilt Company of Bowling Green, Ohio, for designing quilts and their patterns on a computer. She is a popular lecturer and teacher for quilt guilds and international quilt conferences around the United States. She has also taught in Japan. She has authored three books published by The Electric Quilt Company to supplement their software manuals with explanations of creative designing techniques for the program. Her first book was published in 1997. She designs all of her quilts with the program before creating them with fabric.

Her award-winning quilts have been exhibited at several quilt shows and conferences in the United States as well as in Japan, Australia, and New Zealand. Some of these quilts and several quilt designs have been featured in Quilter's Newsletter and Quiltmaker magazines. In 1998-99, she authored a column about using a computer to design quilts for the Japanese quilting magazine, Patchwork Quilt Tsushin. In 2009, Barb was selected as one of the Winners of the Rose of Sharon quilt contest and her winning design is featured in the quilt on the cover of The Rose of Sharon Block Book by Sharon Pederson.

Barb initiated clubEQ as a monthly quilt designing challenge on the Electric Quillwebsite (, and has been the leader of that challenge for over 12 years. She is thrilled to have been the stimulus for over 10,000 quilts designed by users of the EQ program from around the world. Most recently, Barb is featured in the newest EQ book, Quilt Design, which includes instructions for designing several of the quilts from clubEQ challenges.

Barb has been a resident of St. Charles since 1972, when she and her late husband built their house. They raised their two sons there and became involved with many community activities, especially through the schools their boys attended, Boy Scouts, Rotary Club International, Bethlehem Lutheran Church, and the Prairie Star Quilters Guild.

Barb started quilt making in the mid 70s to make quilts for her babies and family. She expanded her skills to design and create commissioned ecclesiastical work and partnered with her neighbor and fellow church member, Patricia Anderson, for several years. Pat was the designer, and Barb was the 'engineer,' who created paraments (dressings for the altar) and vestments (stoles and chasubles worn by the clergy) for several churches in northern Illinois from 1980 to 2000. They were Women of the Cloth and then Wild Rose Designs. After Pat moved out of the area, Barb continued designing on her own.

Barb's techniques for quilt making embrace hand and machine work for applique, piecing, and quilting and include traditional as well as innovative approaches to design.


The Artist of the Month is on exhibit for the entire month at the St. Charles Public Library on the Mezzanine level. For further information: please contact Denise Blaszynski, 630-584-0076 x 240.