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Artist of the Month


The Wayne Art League is a group of artists who meet weekly on Monday mornings to paint or draw. The members use a wide variety of media such as watercolor, charcoal, colored pencil, graphite, pastels, acrylics and oils.  Our styles and subject matters vary as much as our media. As a group, we desire to understand, support and participate in the creative process.

During the summer, starting in June, we meet outside at local parks, private gardens, businesses and other venues to work outside. Starting in mid-October through May, we meet indoors at the Little Home Church by the Wayside on Army Trail Road in downtown Wayne. During the indoor season we try to have a guest artist once a month perform a demonstration. Guest artists are paid a stipend.   Most of the time the guest artist offers a workshop for members in the afternoon. Even if the demonstration and workshop are not in a familiar medium, information on composition, color theory and technique etc. is useful for all.  We also have live models four or five times a year and occasionally product representatives.

Also, we exhibit as a group several times a year usually in the Fox Valley area. Some of our past exhibitions have been at Fine Line, Pottawatomie Park, Geneva Historical Society, Batavia and St. Charles libraries.


November 2015 Artist of the Month

Award-winning artist Valerie Lorimer is from Naperville, Illinois. Her artwork is often described as whimsical, intuitive and spiritual. Valerie creates her artwork on artist paper and panel using a combination of ink, graphite, pastel, and Prismacolor illustrator markers.

Valerie has received numerous awards and her artwork has been featured in publications, on book covers, and has several pieces in the Marriott Naperville. Metamorphosis was featured in Vision Magazine and Eye of the Beholder appears on a Psychology Press book cover. Psychedelic was purchased by Random House UK and appears on the book cover Big Bosoms, Square Jaws, an autobiography of Russ Meyer.

Valerie's work has been shown throughout the Chicagoland area at various venues. She is a member of the DuPage and Naperville art leagues.

"Creativity is what fuels my heart and soul -- it is, in a sense, spirit and energy. I cannot imagine a day when I wake up and don't have the freedom to create." Her inspiration comes from many places -- every day found in nature, architecture and materials, travel, books and magazines.

You can check out Robert’s samples at his webpage: If you would like to see these images displayed locally or need a creative photographer, please email me at


Twenty Minutes Into the Great Western Trail The purpose of my show is to photograph a snapshot in time depicting the movement of my soul along the trails which connect the various Fox Valley Communities. For the first time in modern history, the work of the Park Districts, and other organizations, all of whom contribute the making bike art and safe bicycling possible, the Bike Shop and Bike Share movement, and many other organizations is recorded in digital film and displayed on beautifully framed canvases. My thanks go out to the people and the organizations which made this show possible. Saint Charles, Geneva, Elgin, and Batavia communities. 

“Bike Art in Twenty Canvases” Features two levels of photographs, beautifully framed and organized. Movement along the trails connecting the communities.  The collection includes twenty two beautifully framed canvases depict movement of body, mind and spirit on a human powered vehicle, the bicycle. Composed and photographed on the same day, and in the same way, just minutes apart, the idea being to show the common ground revealed as the hpv rolls on along the tree-lined bikeways which connect our communities. 

What motivates the cyclist to propel himself odd infinitum forward along the tree-lined bikeways which connect our communities? A study of human motivation, “Bike Art in Twenty Canvases or Less” consists of twenty two beautifully frame canvases, depicting movement of body, mind and spirit aboard an HPV, or “Human Powered Vehicle.” Main line large printed photos depict the “Twenty Minutes into the Great Western Trail,” and the sub photographs indicate movement and equipment that make the ride, safely, at all possible. The sometimes-dramatic chiaroscuro caught-on-film technique subtly conveys light and dark and dark on light streaming through the branches and vines as the bicycles are passing taken on October 16, 2014.

Bertram J. Hoddinott III, is an independent business contact and owner of BJH – Graphics, LLC, and has been recognized by Cambridge Who's Who for demonstrating dedication, leadership and excellence in business management. With five years of overall professional business experience, Mr. Hoddinott has strong artistic skills, as well as technical and business management leadership skills. Using these skills he has taken his role as "Desktop Publisher" to publish a book about his father's art, namely oils and watercolors. The book is entitled, "Reflections: The Art of Bert Hoddinott, Jr., ISBN: 978-0-578-07710-9. Mr. Hoddinott received his Bachelor of Arts, with Honors, from Columbia College Chicago, where he is a member of the Alumni Association. He has also held numerous hardware & software technology certifications from the corporation.

The mission of my artwork is to depict the connection we all have to the universe. For me it comes through my love of nature; leaves, flowers, trees and sunlight. And more extensively rock formations, petroglyphs and fossils. We are all connected to the earth's history; we all carry that history in our cells. Recently, my work has expanded to be more ethereal or spiritual. I am fascinated with trying to capture that essence. I believe it is a connection we all possess but seldom notice. My goal is to convey this through images,textures and colors.

JoAnne Laudolff has always loved nature. As a young adult, she started taking photos of nature amongst other things. She went on to earn an Associate's Degree in Photography from the College of DuPage. Then, went onto Columbia College in Chicago and earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree. While attending Columbia she took classes at The Chicago Book and Paper  Center, which is affiliated with Columbia. She was very drawn to Japanese Papermaking and it soon became a passion! She also attended some Printmaking classes and was introduced to Botanical Printing by a friend and fellow Printmaker. Another intense connect was soon born! She has been teaching workshops in Papermaking and Botanical Printing since 1999. She has always been inspired by her students. She has become interested and has been teaching Mixed Media for the past few years, as it is a great way to incorporate all the things that she loves creatively: photography, botanical printing, painting and the paper arts. She started studying Oil and Cold Wax intensively in 2011. JoAnne was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to study with the woman that created the process-Rebecca Crowell, who is internationally known for her work. JoAnne loves the peaceful landscape quality, the way the process evolves as you work and the abstract nature that the medium conveys. She always incorporates nature into her artwork. It is a way to take some of that beauty and simplicity with her. She believes that everyone is creative and emphasizes that as a teacher. "There are endless possibilities for creativity with all art forms" and is excited to be involved in something that continues to present new avenues for experimentation and learning!

Gene McCormick's artwork has been used in numerous small press publications, he has illustrated five books, and nearly 50 of his self-illustrated broadsides have been published. His work has been exhibited publicly and is in private and commercial collections.  Gene's urban scenes were inspired by the artist's recent trips to Paris.  He is the illustrator for the online  Gene lives in Wayne, Illinois.



March 2015 Artists of the Month


James E. Stephens
James started in photography at the age of 14 while attending Carl Schurz High School in Chicago. He attended classes as a teenager in the late 1950's at Fort Dearborn Photo Studio in Chicago. At age eighteen worked part time for his cousin's photo studio in Chicago, Jay Lee Studios, photographing weddings. Over time James’ photography skills developed by attending Nikon photography seminars, reading published books on Ansel Adams as well as other photography books & magazines, scheduling private photo shoots for friends, family members & business associates, and processing his own photos with professional Photoshop software. James retired at age 57; in 2000 from his full time employment and with his deep love & passion for photography James started a home based photo business, World Wide Photo. James’ love & passion for photography is going into its 54th year.  James works in 35mm film, 35mm digital, and medium format film, displays his work in black & white, sepia, color, and combines photo with created digital art format. James photo and digital art is displayed on photo paper, glass, metal and canvas, framed and unframed. James’ wife Nanette B. Stephens has joined her husband of 34 years as his business partner.

Nanette B. Stephens
Nanette began her photography career as an amateur part time photographer, shooting in 35mm film at the young age of 35 while assisting her husband James on World Wide Photo business shoots. Over time Nanette gained a stronger interest for photography & now shoots in 35mm film & digital to further her skills. Nanette advanced her knowledge and skills by attending some of Nikon’s photography seminars held in Chicago, took several photography classes at Elgin Community College, took some on-line photography courses and started reading photography books & magazines. Nanette continued her photo work with WWP and achieved the skill of processing her own photos using Adobe Photo Shop and working with other photo software. Nanette has advanced herself into her own individual photography style. Nanette’s photography skills achieved a professional level when she entered one of her framed digital photos into a high level juried show in 2010, took an award for her entry, “Tranquility”, and shortly thereafter sold a framed print of her photo, “Tranquility”. Nanette works in 35 mm film & 35mm digital. Nanette’s work is displayed in black & white, sepia & color framed & unframed.

James and Nanette live in South Elgin.



February 2015 Artist of the Month

I started experimenting on glass with Acrylic paint and ink after a Pride on the Fox art show.  The way the colours jump out from beneath the pane fascinates me. In one of my early attempts, I found inspiration when driving Sterns Road and seeing hundreds of black birds rising at dawn in the autumn mist.  Our house was hit by lightning, and I ended up with spare glass from the shattered windows.  Some of those are here today.  Previously I had displayed at the library, but no glass painting until this time. One aspect of the technique that I love is the anticipation of the work.  When the glass is wet and upside down you cannot see the finished work.  Turning it over and leaving even one fingerprint will ruin it.

My son Chris has also taken up the brush and with Acryllic and canvas has developing his own sense of style.  A style that will grow on you. There is a certain link that I think shows the spirit of art when we both display works in the same gallery.  The path his art takes reaffirms that you can enjoy experimenting, and find your self through art.

Jim Enockson and Chris Enockson both reside in Saint Charles.


January 2015 Artist of the Month

I’ve been an artist for as long as I can remember. In high school, I was voted “Best Artist” and received a fine art scholarship. I pursued a career in graphic design and became the art director for a national magazine. It wasn’t until 2010 and nearly 30 years away from what I loved, that I switched gears and turned my attention back to art.

I draw inspiration from my love of nature and am passionate about creating portraits of animals and children, flowers and scenes of places I have traveled to. When choosing a subject, I look for warm sun on skin, bright and colorful reflections on water and light passing through petals that create the deep shadows, bright highlights and high contrast that I savor. My hope is that through this process, I am able to evoke a feeling of joy and happiness. Although I have worked in oil, acrylic and graphite, my primary focus has been on both soft and oil pastels. I love the immediacy of these mediums, their vibrant colors, rich tones, texture, paint-like quality and portability. I particularly enjoy exploring various art papers and the way the pastels are affected through their application. I’ve taken multiple courses in oil pastel, but am self-taught using soft pastels.

Since 2011, I have participated in more than 50 exhibits including numerous juried fine art fairs, three solo shows, and have earned three “Best in Shows” awards, a “1st Place” and numerous awards in other categories. I hold memberships with The Pastel Society of America, The Chicago Pastel Painters, The Geneva Art Guild, The DuPage Art League, The Wayne Art League and Yellow House Artists.

December 2015 Artist of the Month - Wayne Art League