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Artist of the Month 2017


December 2017 Artist of the Month

My name is Chantelle DeNicolo, I’m 23 years old. I’m currently a student pursuing a Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education.  

Outside of school my biggest goals are creating and promoting my art, as well as traveling the United States.  

I’m a traditional artist, specializing in: printmaking, pen and ink illustration, as well as oil painting, and body painting. My work stems from my need to expand my horizons and push myself past hardships and my current abilities. Always trying to better myself and my artwork.  

My inspiration is drawn primarily from personal experiences, and my memories. I try to take the words I can't express, and put them into works of art to express myself.  The theme of my work centrals around concepts of nature, beauty, loss and even death.  

Each piece displayed before you is a captured part of my soul and my purpose. Each creation has played a vital part in how I’ve developed into the artist I am today. 

For more from Chantelle check out
Instagram: chanteldenicolo
Facebook: chantel DeNicolo Artistry 
Fine artist America: Chantelle DeNicolo 



November 2017 Artist of the Month

Thanks to a supportive family and community, Greta Bell has been creating art in various shapes her entire life. The form may vary from quilt making, oil painting, functioning marionettes, masks, sculptures, drypoints and stop motion films but the quest to connect with the viewers is always the ultimate goal. Showing in Saint Charles is particularly exciting because Greta's husband's family has been born and raised here since the 1800s!

Colorful panels on display from R/Evolving Circus which she realized with the help of Artist Jim G. Jenkins -Jim created the sculptures outside the St. Charles Library. He designed and constructed the bicycle powered transportable carousel and Greta then filled it with paintings of peoples treasured objects and biked it around to pop up in various places.  Read the inspirational stories that inspired the paintings. If you want to learn more about the project here is a short video : 

Drypoints of Illinois Mammals at the Circus are here to delight you. Watch a fawn jump through a ring of fire, a field mouse shot from a cannon and a bat on the rings and more circus acts.  

Oil Paintings of St. Charles Landmarks like you have never seen them before,  Rocket (Kehoe) Park, Baker Memorial, Townhouse Bookstore and Cafe, and reflections of the Fox River. 

More work can be seen at



October 2017 Artist of the Month

As a young mom with three children, I started out pursuing a commercial art career, which included photography and illustration. Midstream, I switch priorities and began a career in the nonprofit world and stayed for 20 years fighting hunger and advocating for healthy kids.  Working less hours now as a consultant, I have been able to rekindle my photography connection and love of nature.

Whether it is a lone mallard perched on a river branch, a mischievous squirrel scampering for corn, a beautiful butterfly drinking nourishment, or a peekaboo flower, I am truly moved by the spirit and story of each. I want to capture moments that will connect people to the inner traits of nature. When they view my photography, I hope they enjoy both the beauty and character!

Sue Ericson



September 2017 Artist of the Month

Robert Dicke is a published artist who has exhibited in galleries in the Chicagoland area for the past decade. His extensive portfolio includes photographs that have appeared in national magazines, newspapers, websites and on local cable networks.  

From 2007-2015, Robert produced a series of year round gallery shows. The project series dealt with the use of light and shadow, producing vintage photographs and transforming 3D photographs into classic visional arts. Robert’s photograph “Ghosts of War” from the “Modern American Past” series was featured on the art channel Ovation’s television website and he was honored with visional arts awards for these images. 

Currently, Robert is working with local Illinois bands; in 2015 he photographed 30 bands in eight months. This effort produced numerous images that were used for posters, fliers, websites and social media accounts. 
​Robert is known for managing many different shows simultaneously.  “I’m a person who likes to see his photography in many places at the same time.”  He was trained in old school photography and taught himself to photograph with limited light sources. He has a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Concordia University.  You can check out Robert’s samples at:

Robert Dicke



August 2017 Artists of the Month

During the month of August, we feature members of the Kane County Audubon Society in our art gallery. Kane County Audubon Society is a local chapter of the Illinois Audubon Society.  They are a group of more than 100 people who enjoy watching and studying wildlife of all types.  People of all ages and skills are invited to meetings and to participate on walks.  All activities are open to the public. Monthly meetings are bird-oriented, but may concern other aspects of nature. 



July 2017 Artist of the Month

The St. Charles Public Library is privileged to once again host Art of the Imagination, the CUSD #303 Student Art Show, from July 1–31. For nearly 30 years, the library has been host to the show which will feature artwork created by elementary through high school students including drawings, paintings, weavings, photographs, sculptures and digital media. The student art will be displayed in the Huntley Meeting Room, the art gallery on the Mezzanine and both lobby display cases.



June 2017 Artist of the Month

This month, we feature the student artists from All Things Art Studio, a teaching art studio located near downtown St. Charles at the corner of North Ave and 11th Street.  All Things Art Studio is geared towards a variety of art classes and private lessons, summer camps and classes, birthday parties, wine and canvas events, corporate team building events, girl and boy scout art badges, and more for children and adults.  

The art classes offered are for a wide variety of aged students.  We start with ages 1-6 for Parent & Me Classes and a variety of Pre-K art classes.  We continue with Elementary Everything Art, Drawing, Clay Class, or Jewelry Design Classes for ages Kindergarten through fifth grade.  Middle school and high school art classes are also offered featuring Multimedia, Painting, Drawing, Handbuilding Clay Classes, Jewelry Design Classes and more.  Summer Art Classes, Art Camps and One & Two Day Workshops are available online & open for registration.   

Erin Livermore
All Things Art Studio



May 2017 Artist of the Month

Painting is a lot like traveling – both set you on a path of exploration, discovery, and joy. Both also involve taking a leap of faith and trusting that the process will take you somewhere interesting!

Just as when you travel you never know where that unmarked road may go, you also never know exactly what will happen when you paint.  (Sometimes the road leads to a great new vista; and sometimes to a dead end).  This is especially true with watercolor.  You never really know exactly how the colors will mix on the paper.  Even if you try to do the same scene twice, it will always look different in the end.  Sometimes the paint, water, and paper become the drivers!

I have been traveling for most of my life and painting for the past eight years. On my painting journey, I have had many wonderful “travel guides”, and I am grateful to all of them for their direction and inspiration.  I have studied at the Fine Line in St. Charles, the DuPage Art League in Wheaton, and the TWSA (Transparent Watercolor society of America) in Kenosha.  My work has been exhibited at the Norris Gallery, the Fine Line, Illinois Watercolor Society, Art in Your Eye in Batavia, and the Geneva and St. Charles Public Libraries. I am also very fortunate to be a member of the Wayne Art League. Their support and generosity has had a definite impact on my painting journey.

Happy trails!!!

Mary Ellen Segraves
St. Charles, Il 60175



April 2017 Artist of the Month

Gene McCormick, April Artist of the Month, creates daily realities and landmarks in a loose, painterly fashion using acrylics on paper or canvas. His work can be seen in commercial and private collections both in the Fox Valley and nationwide. He is the art editor for Misfit Magazine ( and his illustrations appear regularly in small press literary publications. Additionally, he has illustrated eight book covers.

McCormick is also a writer, having authored twenty-two books of non-fiction, fiction and poetry. His latest two books, Obsessions and Big City Nighttime Stories, are available here at the St. Charles Public Library or at TownHouse books, also in St. Charles. He has lived in Wayne since 1984.

Proceeds from the sale of artwork in the April exhibit will benefit area no-kill animal shelters.



March 2017 Artist of the Month

My Organic Image Collection, printed on metal and in digital print format, is meant to share a never ending fascination with the colors, shapes and flowing forms of nature's most breathtaking creations. I am constantly compelled to capture nature's flowering seasonal splendor. Unfortunately, only a brief window of photographic opportunity is available here in the Midwest. Using a digital camera, along with painterly layered texture techniques, is my intention to take viewers on a brief walk through the garden pathway to not only see the "beauties" by to emotionally "feel" them.



February 2017 Artist of the Month

Barb Vlack is internationally known for her expertise at using the Electric Quilt software, produced by The Electric Quilt Company of Bowling Green, Ohio, for designing quilts and their patterns on a computer. She is a popular lecturer and teacher for quilt guilds and international quilt conferences around the United States. She has also taught in Japan. She has authored three books published by The Electric Quilt Company to supplement their software manuals with explanations of creative designing techniques for the program. Her first book was published in 1997. She designs all her quilts with the program before creating them with fabric.

Her award-winning quilts have been exhibited at several quilt shows and conferences in the United States as well as in Japan, Australia, and New Zealand. Some of these quilts and several quilt designs have been featured in Quilter's Newsletter and Quiltmaker Magazine. In 1998-99, she authored a column about using a computer to design quilts for the Japanese quilting magazine, Patchwork Quilt Tsushin. ln 2006 Barb contributed a project and chapter to Jane Hall's book, The Experts' Guide to Foundation Piecing. ln 2009 Barb was selected as one of the winners of the Rose of Sharon quilt contest and her winning design is featured in the quilt on the cover of The Rose of Sharon Block Book by Sharon Pederson.

Barb initiated ClubEQ as a monthly quilt designing challenge on the Electric Quilt website (, and has been the leader of that challenge for over 15 years. She is thrilled to have been the stimulus for over 10,000 quilts designed by users of the EQ program from around the world. Most recently, Barb is featured in the newest EQ book, Quilt Design, which includes instructions for designing several of the quilts from ClubEQ challenges.

Barb has been a resident of St. Charles since 1972, when she and her (late) husband built their house, where they raised their two sons. Barb became involved with many community activities, especially through the schools her boys attended, Boy Scouts, Rotary lnternational, Bethlehem Lutheran Church, and the Prairie Star Quilters Guild.

Barb started quilt making in the mid-70s, during the Bicentennial renewed interest in colonial crafts and expanded her skills beyond the traditional methods and designs. She designs quilts for commissioned work by churches, for special projects and for herself and family. Her techniques for quilt making embrace hand and machine work for appliqué, piecing, and quilting and include traditional as well as innovative approaches to design.


January 2017 Artist of the Month

I have been taking photos ever since I received my first Kodak X-15 Instamatic Camera at the age of 10.

With camera in hand, I was fortunate growing up to have traveled around the U.S. more than most at an early age. Traveling gave me an appreciation for the world around me. I started seeing in a different way, different perspective and appreciating what I saw. As I got older I had the opportunity to travel a little bit overseas which opened up my eyes to other cultures and even more ways of seeing the world.

Capturing these views and perspectives on film at first and now digital and sharing them is my passion. I am finally pursuing this passion and as they say - if you love what you do and do what you love you'll never work a day in your life.

I see the world in photographs and love that my photography helps others to see the world around them in a new and unique way.