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Artist of the Month 2018

Jacqueline Sulek

December 2018 Artist of the Month

Hello, my name is Jacqueline Sulek, and my family and I have lived in the Fox Valley area for more than 20 years. I have always adored and have been drawn to various mediums of art, from large industrial murals to personal sketches. Through the years, I have developed my style of realism, thus capturing the charatchure, expressions and personalities of people, places, and animals.

 Please browse and enjoy my latest series of pastel paintings. It consists of a collection of landscapes that were inspired by the beauty and changing moods of the ocean and sky from the Gulf Coast of Florida, portraits of the people dearest to me, and unique still lifes.

Jacqueline Sulek


Karen Johnson

November 2018 Artist of the Month

“Moments in Time”

Colors, textures and patterns of nature intrigue me, especially those of the plant and insect world.  In my artwork, I like to capture moments in time like a dragonfly balancing on a stem or the illusion of a moth hovering over flowers. Cicadas buzzing in the summer and monarchs migrating in the fall bring memories of time spent outdoors when these insects were plentiful.  I spend a lot of time in the garden and outside in general watching, sketching and photographing the small pieces of nature that are mostly overlooked.  I like to help people slow down and see things that they normally wouldn’t and inform them of interesting information as well, if I can.

Karen A Johnson
Karen’s Nature Art


Faces of the Fox

October 2018 Artist of the Month

FACES OF THE FOX! A celebration of diversity!  An interactive community art installation that presents the rich diversity of the Fox Valley. We want to embrace our diversity, so a wide range of people will be showcased. Each will have a photograph and a small biography on display. This traveling exhibit will hang on the mezzanine of the library during the month of October.  Stop by and look.  You just might recognize someone…or yourself.


Art in Public Places

September 2018 Artist of the Month

This show celebrates the anniversary of the St. Charles Arts Council's signature public art project, See work by artists Peggy Sue Seehafer, Kaz Ayukawa, Gregory Chapman and Todd Willing, whose public art appears in the AiPP project -- a collection of nearly 180 pieces of public art. Visit the website for a self-guided tour brochure. Or download Otocast, go to St. Charles, and listen to artists tell the stories of 25 of the pieces in the collection. 

For information, visit, call (630) 443-3794, or email to


James and Nanette Stephens

August 2018 Artists of the Month

James photography interest began at age 10 with a Kodak Brownie camera, continued as a member of his high school’s photography club with a Litis Leica 35mm, attended photography classes at the Chicago Fort Dearborn Photo School, worked part-time at Jay Lee Studios in Chicago, attended Nikon photography school seminars, read published works on Ansel Adams, read photography books and magazines, taken thousands of photos over a 65 year photo career. James processed his own photos in his fathers professional home darkroom plus the photo darkroom of Jay Lee Studios. James self taught himself photo processing programs such as Photoshop, Nikon Capture NX2, NX-D and View NX2, Topaz Simplify and De Noise photo software. James retired from his full time municipal employment and re-energized his deep love & passion for photography by starting a home-based photo business in 2000, World Wide Photo. James works with Nikon 35mm SLR and DSLR. James has added his digital art to exhibits created with Photoshop and other software programs. James is a member of the St. Charles Arts Council.

Nanette began her amateur photography career snapping photos part time along side her husband James with an SLR Nikon 35mm. Nanette advanced her photo skills by attending Nikon photography school seminars, attending several photography classes at Elgin Community College, on-line photography courses and reading photography books & magazines. Nanette traded in her Nikon SLR for a DSLR Nikon D300. Nanette advanced her photography skills by learning to process her own prints with Photoshop, Nikon Capture NX2 & Nikon View NX2. Nanette advanced from amateur to professional when her digital photo “Tranquility,” took first place at a juried show in 2010, Nanette sold a copy of “Tranquility,” and shortly there after “Tranquility” was published in a local cultural arts magazine. In 2014 Nanette was selected for Xculturearts Artist of the Month. Nanette is a member of the St. Charles Arts Council.  

James and Nanette exhibit wild life, landscapes, architectural plus James exhibits digital art. James and Nanette have exhibited at The Garlands of Barrington, Batavia Library, Geneva Library, St. Charles Library, Hickory Knolls Discovery Center, Bloomingdale Art Museum, St. Charles Art Council Next Pop-Up, Norris Cultural Art Center, Batavia Art In Your Eye, Elgin Arts Showcase, and Willow Creek Art Gallery, Crystal Lake, IL.

James E. Stephens, Photographer/Artist
Nanette B. Stephens, Photographer, Business Partner in World Wide Photo, 2008


Art of the Imagination: District 303 Student Art Show

July 2018 Artists of the Month

Celebrate the arts during the month of July as St. Charles School District 303 art students will participate in the annual Art of the Imagination hosted by the St. Charles Public Library. For 30 years, the library has been host to the month-long exhibit which will showcase the visual artwork created by nearly 100 elementary through high school students including drawings, paintings, weavings, photographs, sculptures and digital media.

The St. Charles Library Imagination Art Show provides District 303 students and teachers an opportunity to display creative work from the classroom in a highly public place that honors their work. The student art will be displayed in the Huntley Meeting Room, the art gallery on the Mezzanine and both lobby display cases. 

An Open House reception will be held on Saturday, July 14 from 2:00–3:00 p.m. in the Huntley Meeting Room. 


Yawen Wu

June 2018 Artist of the Month

A Glimpse of Cuba in Seven Days

My family and I were on vacation in Cuba for seven days before the start of 2018. We spent three days in Havana before visiting Viñales, an inland valley in western Cuba known for its unique landscape, and the tobacco used to make the best cigars in Cuba. Our last leg of the trip was in Trinidad, a coastal colonial town in central Cuba with beautiful beaches and mountain parks.  It was no doubt the most photogenic trip that I have had in recent years. I found tremendous pleasure in taking the pictures shown here and am extremely grateful to the great people and land of Cuba. If you haven’t been to Cuba I hope these pictures would give you a taste of what I experienced, or even an itch to visit yourself, and if you have, I hope the images would remind you of the wonderful experience you had there as well.

Yawen Wu / Pakasa Images 


Mary Ellen Segraves

May 2018 Artist of the Month

Painting is a lot like traveling – both set you on a path of exploration, discovery, and joy. Both also involve taking a leap of faith and trusting that the process will take you somewhere interesting!

Just as when you travel you never know where that unmarked road may go, you also never know exactly what will happen when you paint. (Sometimes the road leads to a great new vista; and sometimes to a dead end).  This is especially true with watercolor. You never really know exactly how the colors will mix on the paper. Even if you try to do the same scene twice, it will always look different in the end. Sometimes the paint, water, and paper become the drivers!

I have been traveling for most of my life and painting for the past eight years. On my painting journey, I have had many wonderful “travel guides,” and I am grateful to all of them for their direction and inspiration. Some of the places where my work has been exhibited are: Norris Cultural Arts Center, Fine Line Creative Arts Center, Illinois Watercolor Society, Saint Charles Arts Council, DuPage Art League, Water Street Studios, GreenFields of Geneva, The Holmstad, Art in Your Eye, and the Batavia, Geneva, Poplar Creek, and St. Charles Public Libraries.

Happy trails!

Mary Ellen Segraves
St. Charles, Il 60175


Bob Andrini

April 2018 Artist of the Month

Bob Andrini is an avid birdwatcher who has taken his love to a new level. By the use of a digital camera with its outstanding ability to make clear images, he presents an impressive view of birds of Kane County and around the United States. Bob is currently president of the Kane County Audubon Society, a local chapter of the Illinois Audubon Society, and has also been an instructor at the College of DuPage, where he taught birding classes.

With a telephoto lens, Bob has the ability to get 'up close and personal' images of native birds without interfering in their lives. Combined with the power of a computer, images may be enhanced to further improve quality and magnification. These images take the viewer into the lives of the birds and help to educate about the diversity and wonder of nature that surrounds us.



Christopher Peak

March 2018 Artist of the Month

My goal is for my work to instill a sense of peace and calm inside the viewer, a form of visual meditation. I use photography to document the beauty and wonder in the world, capturing details that are so often overlooked. I founded Gorilla-Studios Photography in 2003, specializing in landscape, architecture, and nature photography. 


Gene McCormick

January and February 2018 Artist of the Month

Artist of the Month Gene McCormick’s paintings are in commercial and private collections nationwide. He is the illustrator for the online literary journal, and has illustrated a number of books and book covers. He has had twenty-three books published, and the two most recent, Obsessions and Big City Nighttime Dreams, are available here at the library. Proceeds from the sale of his artwork and books benefits area no-kill animal shelters.