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Artist of the Month 2019

Nancy Wedemeyer

December 2019 Artist of the Month

Nancy Wedemeyer draws her inspiration from the natural world, endlessly fascinated with people and animals. These are the elements of the upcoming photography show, Random Life, which will be exhibited at the St Charles Public Library, from December 1 to December 31, 2019. Nancy has been passionate about photography for many years, but it was only after her children were grown she was able to put her interest into practice. As with most photographers, amateur or professional, she searches to capture the perfect moment, and for her, more importantly, find a moment of stillness hidden within a hectic world. Nancy lives in St Charles with her husband, Steve, and two friendly dogs, Max and Teddy. When not behind a camera she teaches yoga at the St Charles Park District. Some prints are available for sale. If interested in purchasing, contact Nancy at (630) 336-2413.


Jim Enockson

November 2019 Artist of the Month

Jim lives in Saint Charles, and for the last ten years has worked in Hampshire Illinois. One benefit of the “Country Commute” is the drive through the cornfields and farms on the way out to the village.  Barns are a common sight on the route, and the seasons of the countryside always change the view. He has been making wood projects and painting for years. He has painted many copies of noted artists over the years but always goes back to his style because it is easier. Highlighting an acrylic painting with pen detail brings out details that can’t be replicated with brushes.  

Jim is not an artist who sells anything; he enjoys the creative process from composition to figuring out how to make things on a lathe or a band saw. He has displayed in the Library previously, both wood projects and other paintings. In the last three years, Jim has been trying to capture the look of the many barns as seen out West. Several of the subjects are deteriorating, and some are now gone. He likes to think by painting these barns, it’s a form of preservation.


James and Nanette Stephens

October 2019 Artists of the Month

James E. Stephens is a self-taught photographer expressing his artistic visions these past fifty plus years photographing nature, wildlife & landscapes with a profound passion. James photography career started with professional 35mm film SLR processing photos in a darkroom workshop. James advanced into digital SLR photography that leads into the world of “Photoshop” that opened a doorway into both digital photography and digital art. Outdoor photo experiences gained James a varied and diverse approach for creating digital photography and digital art media. James is the owner and operator of World Wide Photo. 

Nanette B. Stephens is a self-taught photographer expressing her artistic visions these past ten plus years photographing nature, wildlife & landscapes with a profound passion. Nanette’s photography career started with 35mm film point & shoot, processing photos at the local Walgreens. Nanette advanced into professional digital SLR  photography that lead into the world of “Photoshop” that opened a doorway into advanced digital photography. Nanette joined her husband James as a partner of World Wide Photo.


St. Charles Celebrates 185 Years

September 2019 Artist of the Month

In conjunction with ArtsFest, the St. Charles History Museum presents a special historic photo exhibit to celebrate the 185th anniversary of St. Charles. Step back in time and explore the most historic people, places and things from our community. 


Susan Schubert

August 2019 Artist of the Month

The Isle of Skye, My Place of Dreams Photography Show

Susan Schubert is a writer, poet, and photographer. After writing a story about a trip to Europe in 1971, her friend offered her a trip back to Scotland after 47 years. The place of dreams for Susan was the Isle of Skye. They spent a day on a jeep tour, and these photographs show the best of Skye.

Susan has written two books, “The Way I Remember It, Memoir of a Trip to Europe 1971” and “My Place of Dreams, A Love Story,” both available on Amazon Kindle. She lives with her dog Moe, a Maltese, in western St. Charles. She facilitates a writer’s group at Elburn’s Town and Country Library, is an award-winning writer and poet with a poem “Aurora” on an outside mural in downtown Aurora, IL. The books are both available at Town House Books in St. Charles.


District 303 Imagination Art Exhibit

July 2019 Artists of the Month

Celebrate the arts during the month of July as St. Charles School District 303 art students will participate in the annual Art of the Imagination hosted by the St. Charles Public Library. For over 30 years, the library has been host to the month-long exhibit which will feature the visual artwork created more than 100 elementary through high school students including drawings, paintings, photographs, sculptures and digital media.


Yawen Wu

June 2019 Artist of the Month

Yawen Wu is a Chicago-based freelance photographer who specializes in event and fine art photography with over 30 years of experience. He is the founder and owner of Pakasa Images. Yawen has been residing in St. Charles with his family since 2013.

This exhibit, Postcards from Spain, showcases a collection of photos from a 10-day winter trip to Spain in January 2019. All of the images were taken either in Madrid, Toledo, Barcelona, or Seville in attempt to capture some of the interesting and beautiful moments that were worth writing home about, hence the title “Postcards from Spain”. 


Illinois Art Education Association

May 2019 Artists of the Month

The St. Charles Public Library is honored to host the 2018-2019 Illinois Art Education Association’s traveling Student Art Show in its art gallery, located on the mezzanine. The kindergarten through 12th grade student art show contains 45 selected pieces of artwork created in a classroom. The show demonstrates to the public the breadth of experience, content and connections students are receiving through their art programs. The award-winning show will travel to schools, libraries and galleries throughout the state of Illinois. 


One Book, One Community: Station Eleven Exhibit 

April 2019 Art Exhibit 

Our exhibit this month ties in with our One Book, One Community read Station Eleven, by Emily St. Mandel.

Set in a post-apocalyptic world in the decades following a global pandemic that causes the world to be changed forever, the novel follows the journey of a traveling troupe of actors and musicians known as The Traveling Symphony, who have dedicated themselves to the mission of keeping cherished art, music, and plays alive for the future. Through flashbacks and events that unfold in the years following “year zero”, several of the book’s characters discover that their stories actually connect and intertwine through some interesting circumstances.

What would you miss if society were to collapse? No electricity, no shelter, no water, no transportation – how would you survive? In Station Eleven, characters preserve material possessions to remember the past. Share what you would miss by posting on Social Media with the hashtag #OneBookSTC, and you’ll be entered to win a Station Eleven t-shirt and tin mug! Your posts will also be added to the gallery on our mezzanine level. 


Gene McCormick

February and March 2019 Artist of the Month

Painting a motif with a barely restrained looseness that nonetheless retains a representational image, Gene McCormick is willing to sacrifice technical erudition for spontaneity and passion.

His paintings are in commercial and private collections nationwide and can frequently be seen in Chicago-area one-person exhibitions and juried competitions. He has done numerous covers and interior work for small press books and is the illustrator for the online To view additional images, Google Gene McCormick Paintings. 

Contact Gene McCormick at or at 630-377-7874.


Laura Stoecker

January 2019 Artist of the Month

Laura Stoecker is a photojournalist and portrait photographer with 25 years experience in the field. For further artistic expression, she also does fine art photography and travel photography. 

This collection abstract photography pieces on display were taken adhering to my strict photojournalism ethics. All the images were created within the camera (not in Photoshop) and the brilliant colors are true to life. They are honest documentations of nature and objects, seen with a photojournalistic eye and photographed in a fine art style. To me, life is already beautiful as it is, there is no need to digitally modify it. One only needs to slow down and investigate their surroundings to see art is always around us, in one form or another. You just need to find the right angle.

The photographs are printed on Japanese rice paper, mounted on museum grade acrylic, and sealed with a protective varnish. Everything from start to finish is done by hand, in-house in my St. Charles studio. This type of display allows light to penetrate from the top and sides; when the light shines just right-especially in natural sunlight-they glow.

Laura Stoecker