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Discover Market Data

Whether you need population statistics, consumer expenditure figures or traffic counts, demographic data is critical.  Good data allows you to make better decisions, complete your business plan, and operate more efficiently.

Gale Business DemographicsNow

Find geographic-based demographic information perfect for business and marketing plans. Learn more about your potential customers: How much do they earn/spend?  What are they buying? Analyze markets, evaluate potential retail sites and create detailed, data-enhanced maps with thematic layers. Use the same lifestyle segmentation categorization used by professionals (Mosaic USA by Experian).


AtoZ offers the opportunity to tally businesses in a specific category.  This could be ‘the number of hair salons in Kane County,’ or ‘the number of companies in 60174 with more than 20 employees.’ It’s not perfect, as you (and Excel, probably) are doing the tally, but it can be helpful to define your competitive (or opportunity) set.

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