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Featured Authors


Elizabeth Adler, Her settings are as glitzy as the boutiques of Paris, as glimmering as the sands of St. Tropez. Her characters range from hard-boiled detectives to hare-brained glamour girls.

Kingsley Amis, a radical in his youth, joined the Communist Party and led the Labour Club choir. Known for his conservative critique of contemporary life, he earned many prestigious literary awards.

Martin Amis is considered one of the most influential and creative voices among contemporary British authors.

Jeffrey Archer he’s been a Member of Parliament and imprisoned for conspiracy and perjury. A playwright and an amateur auctioneer, Jeffrey Archer’s life is the stuff page-turning novels are made of.

Ace Atkins It was said that no one would be able to replace beloved crime novelist Robert B. Parker when he died; and it was true, no one did. Shortly after the author’s death on January 18, 2010, Parker’s wife of 53 years and his long-time publisher decided that his favorite characters should live on. Two authors would continue his most popular series, with the “Jesse Stone” novels being penned by Michael Brandman, and the lengthy “Spenser” series going to journalist and novelist Ace Atkins. 

John Banville and his alter ego, Benjamin Black, are a study in contrasts.

Elizabeth Berg writes with humor and sympathy about the small earthquakes upending women's lives and their extraordinary, human ways of setting things right again.

Eleanor Taylor Bland has written twelve mysteries with African American Marti MacAlister as her tough streetwise cop who lives in a suburb about thirty miles north of Chicago with her two children.

Larry Bond a former Naval Intelligence officer, warfare analyst and anti-submarine technology expert, Larry Bond is known for adding military realism to plot-driven adventures that are fast-paced and suspenseful. 

James Lee Burke's fiction is intense with autobiographical roots that entangle the plot and ensnare the reader.

Harlan Coben firmly believes we’re all the other guy. Kidnapping, extortion, even murder (especially murder) – you always assume it will happen to the other guy. Not Harlan Coben.

Chris Bohjalian, known for moving and complex stories, has published a number of critically-acclaimed novels, including Midwives and The Double Bind. His writing is usually character-centered and falls into a variety of genres, including literary fiction, suspense and historical fiction.

Thomas H. Cook's crime thrillers are compelling tales written with great lyrical beauty. He views his crime novels as a means of financing his literary works.

Bernard Cornwell is the author of the acclaimed Richard Sharpe series, set during the Napoleonic Wars. For some years he wanted to write the adventures of a British soldier in the Napoleonic wars - and so the Sharpe series was born.


Janet Dailey - a former secretary, wrote her first novel on a dare and later became one of the most prolific romance writers in the United States. 

Nelson DeMille - “In the rarefied world of the intelligent thriller, authors just don’t get any better than Nelson DeMille.”

Ivan Doig eloquently captures many of life’s most universal themes in his fiction and nonfiction.

Andre Dubus was the author of several fiction titles and received many awards. He taught modern fiction and creative writing at Bradford College, the University of Alabama and Boston University.

Andre Dubus III is best known for his novel House of Sand and Fog, which was made into a movie.

Louise Erdrich has the ability to weave contemporary issues such as generational conflicts or tribal politics with such universal themes as overcoming despair through love and hope.

Loren D. Estleman growing up from humble beginnings in an 1867 Michigan farmhouse, Loren D. Estleman is now nationally recognized for his western fiction and detective novels.

Ken Follett started writing fiction when he needed money for car repairs. “It was a hobby for me. You know, some men go home and grow vegetables. I used to go home and write novels.”

Dick Francis tried his hand at mystery writing due to the economic realities of raising a family, and in 1962 Dead Cert was published. It was an instant hit and Francis went on to write 41 international best sellers.

Brian Freemantle - his spies are fallible and emotional, relying upon their wits--and often sheer luck--to get through each calamitous adventure.


Nadine Gordimer - considered to be one of apartheid’s most vocal critics, was awarded the Nobel Prize for her anti-apartheid fiction in 1991.

Alice Hoffman's fascination with the nuances of the natural world began with her childhood love of fairy tales.

JKL _________________________________________________________________

Ward Just - might just be the finest writer you’ve never heard of. Critics have called him “underappreciated,” while the author himself says he’s merely “undersold.” 

Elmer Kelton's writing won many awards, including the Western Heritage Award from the National Cowboy Hall of Fame.

Laurie R. King writes two very different series featuring strong, intelligent women, as well as "stand-alone" novels that include male protagonists.

Stephen King and Family few families are fortunate enough to have one successful author under their roof, much less two, but what about five, as is the case of the phenomenally prolific author, Stephen King.

Barbara Kingsolver says that her writing has enabled her to meet many interesting people and her scientific writing has helped her develop the discipline required for fiction.

Dean Koontz books have been published in 38 languages and have sold over 450 million copies to date. Koontz has had 14 books at the top of The New York Times Best Seller List in hardcover.

Jayne Ann Krentz is a well-known writer and an outspoken champion of the romance genre.  Not only has she authored over 120 books, she has written under her own name and six other pseudonyms.

John LeCarré’s novels have come to be synonymous with the Cold War, a natural focus, perhaps, for a British boy whose father was imprisoned for fraud and whose mother deserted him, staying out of his life until he was 20 years old.

John Lescroart is known for fast-paced legal thrillers and mysteries that incorporate both the procedural aspects of catching criminals and the ensuing courtroom drama as they are brought to justice.

Laura Lippman has been writing smart, twisty novels of mystery and suspense (often inspired by “true crime” stories) since 1997 and yet has remained “under the radar” for many readers

MNO _________________________________________________________________

Margaret Maron - "I was born and bred in North Carolina, dropped out of college to marry a naval officer. We had a son, life was full, yet all the time, I kept promising myself that I was going to be a writer 'someday.' "

Sharyn McCrumb - With her beloved “ballad” series McCrumb interweaves contemporary problems with traditional folklore to create timeless tales that draw on her own heritage.

Larry McMurtry has given readers some of the most memorable characters in contemporary fiction and ... characters whose screen personas have become icons of the American cinema.

Barbara Michaels - The research skills she mastered in her graduate studies aided her in discovering information on vintage clothing, archaeology, gemology and other subjects that she would eventually use in her fiction.

James Michener - Perhaps no author celebrated the importance of the sense of place in fiction as well as James Michener.

Gilbert Morris is one of the most beloved and long-standing Christian writers of today.

Walter Mosley is best known for his “Easy Rawlins” detective fiction series set in the Watts section of Los Angeles. 

Joyce Carol Oates - “Prolific” is the adjective most often used to describe her.

Nick Oldham - Oldham is most well-known for his “Henry Christie” series

PQR _________________________________________________________________

Sara Paretsky - Indemnity Only introduced the world to private investigator V.I. (Victoria Iphigenia) Warshawski, a wiry, athletic sleuth who shared more than a few traits with her creator.

Iain Pears is the author of a very successful mystery series, as well as two historical novels, a non-fiction book on art history and various articles on art, history and finance.

Anne Perry has an international following for her Victorian-era mysteries with their anachronistic depiction of autonomous and persistent female sleuths.

Bill Pronzini has some sixty odd books and numerous short stories and anthologies to his credit.

Ian Rankin is known for well-written, brooding stories filled with gritty realism. Rankin’s most popular and prolific work is the “Inspector Rebus” series. These police procedurals focus on the careful solving of a crime.

Anne Rice is Known for her literary gothic horror novels, Anne Rice has become one of the most widely-read authors, having sold nearly 100 million copies of her books. 

Luanne Rice uses strong writing, well-developed settings, and engaging characters to tell stories which generally revolve around the drama created in the relationships among family members.

Emilie Richards tackles family issues with their complex interpersonal relationships.

Philip Roth continues to be regarded as one of America’s most acclaimed, outspoken, and frequently controversial, authors.

STU _________________________________________________________________

Mark Salzman traveled to Changsha, China, to teach English at Hunan Medical College for two years. He wrote of his experiences in Iron and Silk and went on to act in a film version of the book.

Lawrence Sanders - is known for sexy mystery and suspense stories full of intrigue, blackmail, corporate greed, and insider double dealings - usually among the rich and glamorous.

Anita Shreve describes a common theme in her work as a “sense of passion existing within a framework of restraint.” She also considers infidelity a “gold mine” and frequently incorporates it into her stories.

Anne Rivers Siddons - the prolific Siddons is truly a daughter of the South, and her fiction focuses on contemporary regional life, from coastal North Carolina to the wealthy suburbs of Atlanta. Even novels that aren’t physically set in the South detail the lives of Southerners trying to cope with life outside their native soil. 

Sally Spencer aka Alan Rustage - The greatest mystery about prolific author Sally Spencer may in fact be her real identity!

William G. Tapply authored numerous fiction and non-fiction books, publishing more than 40 books in 25 years. He is perhaps most well-known for his mystery series featuring Brady Coyne.

Paul Theroux, novelist, essayist and travel writer whom many critics have deemed “irascible” and “grumpy.”

Adriana Trigiani author of the bestselling Big Stone Gap series, writes from the heart about the complexities of being a woman—about love and work and the difficult choices that emanate from them.

Joanna Trollope’s characters are both complex and believable, with a focus on the female.  Her engrossing but leisurely-paced contemporary novels reveal various contrasts which illuminate many of life’s nuances.

Anne Tyler is inspired by dysfunctional families and provides her loyal readers and new fans alike with novels keenly sensitive to this all-too-human condition.

Lisa Unger is the New York Times and internationally bestselling, award-winning author of 16 novels, including Under My Skin, Crazy Love You, In the Blood, and Beautiful Lies. 

VWXYZ _________________________________________________________________

Kurt Vonnegut was the voice of several generations, a champion for those who, like himself, viewed society’s excesses and eccentricities with more than a little skepticism.

Alice Walker is best known for her third novel, The Color Purple, which won a Pulitzer Prize. Always provocative, her works have included such topics as abusive relationships, female sexuality and the fear of death.

Donald E. Westlake (1933 – 2008) is known primarily for his fast-paced, plot-driven comic caper mysteries.

Stuart Woods knows...Stuart Woods. With nearly every character and storyline, elements of Woods' personal biography are cunningly incorporated and easy to spot, if one knows what to look for.