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The Historic American West

Stories of Adventure, Survival, Bravery and More 

The Bones of Paradise
Jonis Agee

The Pistoleer: A Novel of John Wesley Hardin
James Carlos Blake

The Signal
Ron Carlson

Trail Angel
Derek Catron

Huck Out West
Robert Coover (eBook – OverDrive; eAudiobook – Hoopla)

Triple Play
James D. Crownover

The Chili Queen
Sandra Dallas

The Sisters Brothers
Patrick deWitt (eBook – Hoopla; eAudiobook – Hoopla, Overdrive)

Pete Dexter

Gabriel’s Story
David Anthony Durham

The Adventures of Johnny Vermillion
Loren D. Estleman

One Thousand White Women: The Journals of May Dodd
Jim Fergus (eBook – OverDrive; eAudiobook – OverDrive, Axis360)

High Rider
Bill Gallaher (eBook – Axis360)

Silver on the Road*
Laura Anne Gilman

El Paso
Winston Groom

Jeff Guinn (eAudiobook – Axis369)

All True Not a Lie In It
Alex Hawley (eBook – Hoopla, eAudiobook – Hoopla)

World, Chase Me Down
Andrew Hilleman

Whiskey When We’re Dry
John Larison (eBook – OverDrive)

Holmes on the Range*
Steve Hockensmith (eAudiobook – Hoopla, OverDrive)

The Mule Tamer: The Case of the Silver Republicans
John C. Horst

A Bloom of Bones
Allen Morris Jones (eBook – Hoopla)

Kathleen Kent

Leila Meacham (eBook – OverDrive, Axis360)

The Son
Philipp Meyer (eBook – OverDrive, Axis360, Cloud Library; eAudiobook – Hoopla, Axis360)

Home to Texas
Thom Nicholson

Robert B. Parker (eBook – OverDrive, Axis360; eAudiobook – OverDrive)

Under Tower Peak
Bart Paul (eBook – Hoopla)

Close Range: Wyoming Stories
Annie Proulx (eAudiobook – Hoopla, OverDrive)

Far Empty
J. Todd Scott

The Removes
Tatjana Soli (eAudiobook – Hoopla)

Cherokee America
Margaret Verble (eBook – Hoopla; eAudiobook – Hoopla)

Medicine Walk
Richard Wagamese (eBook – Hoopla, Axis360)

Richard S. Wheeler

How Much of These Hills Is Gold
C. Pam Zhang (eBook – OverDrive, Axis360)

For classic westerns – please also see this list.


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