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I Spy: Tales of Espionage & Conspiracy

The Korean Woman
John Altman (eBook – Hoopla; eAudiobook – Hoopla)

The Faithful Spy*
Alex Berenson (eBook – OverDrive; Axis360; eAudiobook – OverDrive)

Three Hours in Paris
Cara Black (eBook – OverDrive)

Secret Service
Tom Bradby (eBook – Hoopla, OverDrive; eAudiobook – OverDrive)

Waypoint Kangaroo*
Curtis Chen (eAudiobook – Hoopla)

A Single Spy
William Christie (eAudiobook – Hoopla)

Need to Know
Karen Cleveland (eBook - OverDrive; Axis360; eAudiobook – OverDrive, Axis360)

The Moroccan Girl
Charles Cumming (eAudiobook – Hoopla, OverDrive)

Berlin Game*
Len Deighton (eBook – OverDrive)

Jack of Spies*
David Downing (eBook – OverDrive; eAudiobook – Hoopla)

The Eighth Sister*
Robert Dugoni

Matthew Dunn (eBook – Hoopla; eAudiobook – Hoopla)

The Double Game
Dan Fesperman

Eye of the Needle
Ken Follett (eBook –OverDrive, Axis360)

Night Soldiers*
Alan Furst (eBook – OverDrive; eAudiobook – Hoopla, OverDrive)

The Gray Man*
Mark Greaney

The Human Factor
Graham Greene

Shadow Intelligence
Oliver Harris

Slow Horses*
Mick Herron (eBook – OverDrive; eAudiobook – Hoopla)

Three Envelopes*
Nir Hezroni

All Other Nights
Dara Horn (eAudiobook – Hoopla, OverDrive)

Trigger Mortis
Anthony Horowitz (eBook – Hoopla, Axis360; eAudiobook -

David Ignatius (eBook – OverDrive; eAudiobook – OverDrive)

A Map of Betrayal
Ha Jin (eBook – Axis360; eAudiobook – Hoopla, OverDrive)

Joseph Kanon (eBook – OverDrive; eAudiobook – Hoopla)

Who Is Vera Kelly?
Rosalie Knecht (eAudiobook – OverDrive)

The Spy Who Came In from the Cold*
John Le Carré (eBook – OverDrive; eAudiobook – OverDrive)

The Company
Robert Littell (eBook – Hoopla)

The Havana Game
John Lutz (eBook – Hoopla)

The Italian Party
Christina Lynch (eBook – OverDrive; eAudiobook – Hoopla, OverDrive)

The Book of Spies
Gayle Lynds

Red Station*
Adrian Magson (eBook – OverDrive; eAudiobook – Hoopla)

Red Sparrow*
Jason Matthews (eBook – OverDrive; eAudiobook – OverDrive)

The Tears of Autumn*
Charles McCarry (eBook – Hoopla, OverDrive; eAudiobook – Hoopla)

The Strivers’ Row Spy
Jason Overstreet (eBook – Hoopla, Axis360; eAudiobook – OverDrive)

The Expats*
Chris Pavone (eBook – OverDrive, Axis360, Cloud Library; eAudiobook – OverDrive)

The English Teacher
Yiftach Reicher Atir (eAudiobook – Axis360)

At Risk*
Stella Rimington

The Tourist*
Olen Steinhauer (eAudiobook – Hoopla, OverDrive)

Once a Spy
Keith Thomson (eAudiobook – OverDrive)

American Spy
Lauren Wilkinson (eBook – OverDrive; eAudiobook – OverDrive)

Valerie Plame Wilson


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