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Mysteries with a Musical Beat

Clef Hangers: Mysteries with a Musical Beat


The Rainaldi Quartet*
Paul Adam

Killer Riff
Sheryl J. Anderson

Leavin’ Trunk Blues*
Ace Atkins

Dead Time*
Eleanor Taylor Bland

Orchestrated Murder
Rick Blechta (eBook – OverDrive, Hoopla)

The Cat Who Played Brahms*
Lilian Jackson Braun

Jorgen Brekke (eAudiobook – Hoopla)

Jamaica Blue*
Don Bruns

Voice of the Violin*
Andrea Camilleri (eAudiobook – Hoopla)

Written in Dead Wax*
Andrew Cartmel (only eAudiobook – Hoopla)

I Can’t Make You Love Me, But I Can Make You Leave*
Dixie Cash (eBook – Hoopla)

An Early Wake
Sheila Connolly (eBook – OverDrive; eAudiobook – Hoopla, RBdigital)

Jilly Cooper (only eAudiobook – Hoopla, RBdigital)

Murder at the Castle
Jeanne M. Dams (eBook – OverDrive, Hoopla)

The Strings of Murder*
Oscar de Muriel

Death Dance
Linda Fairstein (eAudiobook – Hoopla)

Tricia Fields

Dead Ringer
Sarah Fox (only eBook – Hoopla)

Chasing the Devil’s Tail*
David Fulmer (eAudiobook – Hoopla)

A Traitor to Memory*
Elizabeth George (eBook – OverDrive)

The Plot against Hip Hop
Nelson George (only eBook – Hoopla, Axis360; eAudiobook – Hoopla)

Murder in G Major*
Alexia Gordon (only eBook – Hoopla; eAudiobook – Hoopla)

The Weaver and the Factory Maid*
Deborah Grabien

Bone to Be Wild*
Carolyn Haines (eAudiobook – RBdigital)

This Lovely City
Louise Hare (eBook – Hoopla)

Orchestrated Death*
Cynthia Harrod-Eagles

The Old Deep and Dark*
Ellen Hart (eAudiobook – RBdigital)

Beethoven’s Tenth*
Brian J. Harvey (eBook – Hoopla)

Blood Sweep: a Posadas County Mystery*
Steven Havill (eBook – Hoopla; eAudiobook – Hoopla)

We Sold Our Souls
Grady Hendrix (eAudiobook – Hoopla)

Blood Music
Jessie Prichard Hunter (only eBook – Hoopla)

Really the Blues
Joseph Koenig (eAudiobook – Hoopla)

Death at La Fenice*
Donna Leon (eBook – OverDrive, Hoopla; eAudiobook – RBdigital)

The Tooth Tattoo: a Peter Diamond Investigation*
Peter Lovesey (eAudiobook – Hoopla)

A Little Night Murder: a Blackbird Sisters Mystery*
Nancy Martin

The Jaguar
T. Jefferson Parker

Before the Poison
Peter Robinson (eBook – Hoopla, Axis360; eAudiobook – Hoopla, RBdigital)

The Scent of Death*
Betty Rowlands


*Part of a series 

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