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Outreach FAQs

What is Outreach Services?

Outreach Services is the Library department that facilitates Library use for residents who have difficulty getting to the Library due to mobility or health issues. We deliver materials to participating senior facilities, nursing homes, and resident complexes, and arrange service for individuals who are mobility challenged.

What types of services are offered?

Outreach Services brings the Library to you when you are unable to get to the Library for extended periods. Outreach will:

  • Renew your card or register you for a new library card, provided all criteria are met
  • Help you select books, magazines, DVDs, audiobooks, or other materials
  • Arrange to get these to you via home delivery, mail, or pick-up
  • Record and mail the Library newsletters when requested, including Discover Your Library

Am I eligible for delivery services?

If you reside at a participating facility, you are eligible for service. If you have difficulty getting to or using the Library and you are a resident of the St. Charles Public Library District, you are eligible for delivery services. If you are unable to drive due to poor eyesight or if you are recuperating from surgery or a medical procedure, you qualify for service. We are not able to deliver to patrons with brief illnesses, such as the flu. Potential Outreach patrons must complete an application.

How do I sign up for delivery services?

Call the Outreach Services Manager at 630-584-0076, ext. 219. The manager will ask about your situation and guide you through the application process.

Could I sign someone else up for delivery?

No. Due to privacy issues, only the person receiving services is able to request them. You may not, for instance, sign up your neighbor or your mother.

Do I need a library card?

No, you do not need a library card to use Outreach Services.

How will my books be delivered?

Eligible patrons have three choices for delivery:

  • Home delivery: We arrange for a mutually agreeable time to visit your home.
  • Books by Mail: We mail up to 10 items per month at no cost.
  • Pick-up at Circulation Desk: We check out items and leave them at the Circulation Desk for your caregiver or family member to pick up.

How does Books by Mail work?

Books or other items are sent to your home in a Library bag that has a clear pocket for an address card. When we mail the bag, a card with your address is showing through the pocket. When you are ready to return the bag, turn the card over so that the Library’s address is visible. The Library pays for postage both ways.

How often would I be able to have books delivered?

  • Home delivery: A librarian will come to your home once per month, bringing up to 25 books.
  • Books by Mail: Patrons are limited to no more than two mailings per month, totaling 10 items.
  • Pick-up at Circulation Desk: There are no restrictions other than checkout limits.

Can I get DVDs and other popular items from Outreach Services?

Yes. Outreach Services is able to provide any circulating material, including DVDs, CDs, magazines, audiobooks, large print books, and regular print books.

How long is the loan period for Outreach?

Most items checked out by Outreach Services have an eight-week loan period. Bestselling books, DVDs, or CDs are checked out for shorter periods, depending on demand.

How do I request specific titles?

It is generally best to contact Outreach Services directly. However, if you have already contacted a staff member from Adult or Youth Services, be sure to tell that staff member that you are an Outreach patron.

How much does it cost to use Outreach Services?

The service is free to all eligible residents of the St. Charles Library District.

Who do I call if I have a question?

Contact the Outreach Services Manager by telephone at 630-584-0076, ext. 219 or by email.

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