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Senior Programming

The Library’s Outreach Services team presents regular programming at skilled care, memory care, assisted living and retirement facilities, engaging over 300 seniors monthly. Programming includes Tales and Travel Memories, “Attic” programming, and Educational and Engagement Kits. In addition, the Outreach team offers Kits for Caregivers, Memory Pets, and reading programs to further engage patrons. Through diverse and educational programming and activities, the SCPL Outreach team strives to encourage education and engagement, foster reminiscence and stimulate the senses. 

Tales and Travel Memories

Tales and Travel Memories is presented at skilled care and memory facilities, and involves taking patrons on imaginary journeys to evoke memories of other lands. Facts, folklore, souvenirs, props, music, ethnic spices and world globes are incorporated into the presentations. Tales and Travel Memories spark interactions and conversations with patrons, some who remember their own travels abroad. Past programs have included trips to Hawaii, Alaska, Germany, China and Louisiana.

“Attic” Programming

Antique and vintage items are used in “Attic” programs to inspire memories and to integrate the senses. We feature new “Attic” programs every month revolving around three themes: fashion, household appliances and products, and travel in the USA. Recent “Attic” programs have included Howard Johnson’s and Pan American Airlines. Items are purchased from antique and thrift stores, the flea market, eBay and Etsy to help invoke fond memories.


Educational and Engagement Kits

Memory kit activities are designed for patrons living with memory loss. The St. Charles Public Library has 10 Educational and Engagement Kits centered on specific themes: movie stars, TV stars, western TV shows, music stars, country music stars, cooking, the holidays, patriotic holidays, Thanksgiving and comedians. Each kit includes an informational booklet with facts, background history and photos, along with small objects and props that patrons may hold and examine.


Kits for Caregivers

Supporting caregivers is as important as supporting their patients. Library caregiver kiosks can provide helpful information and resources to caregivers to assist their patients in coping with aging, Alzheimer’s and dementia. The Caregiver Kiosk at SCPLD features our 10 Caregiver Kits, which contain DVDs, CDs, and coffee table books. The kits are meant to be an enjoyable reminiscence activity for caregivers to use with someone who has memory loss.  Themes include “Laughing with Lucy,” “Old West TV Shows,” and “Golden Broadway Music and Dance.” Caregiver Kits are available to be checked out at the Library.

Memorable Pets

Memorable Pets are used to engage patrons living with Alzheimer’s. Developed with input by geriatric specialists, Memorable Pets (stuffed animal dogs and cats) provide loving comfort, a sense of security and purpose, and are therapeutic tools for nurturing and play. Patrons often request we bring our Memorable Pets on our visits, as they remind them of pets they once had.

Reading Programs and One-on-One Engagement Activities

Reading to individuals with memory loss is an effective way to encourage engagement and conversation. SCPLD Outreach staff brings “Reading to Residents” to skilled care facilities as well as creates personalized “one-on-one engagement” activities for residents. We read to individuals, or to small groups.



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