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Strategic Plan

Mission Statement

To support the growth and creativity of the individual and foster the spirit of community and local economy.

Key Strategies

In order to achieve our mission:

A. We will provide a well-qualified, knowledgeable, friendly, and service-oriented staff that receives ongoing training and meets established competencies.

B. We will provide services, programs, and a collection of sufficient scope and depth to meet current and anticipated information and leisure time needs of the community.

C. We will house the collection, services, and programs in high-quality facilities that are planned to meet the needs of a growing and diverse community.

D. We will promote community awareness and use of these resources.

E. We will partner with other community organizations to strengthen services, programs, facilities, and resources.

F. We will evaluate regularly the effectiveness of our services.

Goals And Objectives

I. Provide Quality Services

  1. Provide and maintain high-quality collections
  2. Attract and retain a highly-qualified staff
  3. Provide a user-friendly environment
  4. Provide information, community education and training
  5. Provide for new technology

II. Improve Quality and Effectiveness of Outreach

  1. Increase marketing and communication efforts
  2. Maintain mutually beneficial relationships with community service organizations and businesses
  3. Monitor social and demographic trends to enhance relevance of services
  4. Provide more literature-based programs and cultural events
  5. Conduct regular evaluation of effectiveness of Library services

III. Respond To Growth & Demographics

  1. Provide more convenient access to services throughout the district
  2. Respond to changing demographics
  3. Communicate with non-users and those in unserved areas

IV. Provide High-Quality Facilities

  1. Maintain safe, secure, clean and accessible facilities
  2. Provide and maintain optimal major systems in physical plant
  3. Use existing space efficiently
  4. Expand building and provide more parking
  5. Provide first-rate meeting room facilities and be a preferred meeting/destination location within the community

V. Provide Sound Governance

  1. Acquire and allocate funds in best possible manner to achieve goals and objectives
  2. Respond to legislative mandates
  3. Maintain mutually beneficial relations with local, state and national library organizations
  4. Cooperate closely with the Friends of the St. Charles Library and the St. Charles Public Library Foundation.
  5. Maintain mutually beneficial relationships with other units of local government  
  6. Strengthen partnership with schools
  7. Conduct regular reviews of Library policies and procedures to evaluate their effectiveness.