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Historic Buildings

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Historic Buildings

This web page includes links to various historically significant buildings in St. Charles and the surrounding area. Brief descriptions and backgrounds of each building give an overview of the building’s history. Limited information is available in historical records about some of these structures.

View Local Historical Buildings [currently under construction]

View St. Charles Historic Buildings on a map.


Local History Collection

Local history books on St. Charles and Kane County are available in the Carnegie Quiet Room. Not only are these sources helpful in finding information on historic buildings, they are also valuable tools for finding information on residents or businesses associated with the buildings. See Reference Sources.


Local History Vertical Files

Newspaper clippings, pamphlets, and other paper based resources are compiled and organized according to topic. These files are located on the ground floor of the Library; see the Research & Reading desk for directions.

Some especially useful files include:

  • Historic Buildings
  • Files on local families, industries, and businesses that have a long association with St. Charles
  • St. Charles, Illinois Biography
  • St. Charles Business and Industry

Search for past historic Kane County Chronicle issues here.


St. Charles History Museum

Staff members of the St. Charles History Museum are especially helpful in locating information on the history of St. Charles. The Museum is located in the former McCornack Oil Company building (215 E. Main Street, 630-584-6967). Researchers are able to make appointments to study the documents and photographs contained in the Museum’s archives. The St. Charles History Museum also has exhibits highlighting local history.