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Getting Started

Our Book Club Service makes it easy to select titles and run book club discussions.


With advance notice, the St. Charles Public Library can provide enough copies of a title for your entire book group. Choose from our list of recommended titles, or request your own customized list of titles. We also provide discussion materials to your book club that contain questions to enhance your book club experience and encourage a lively discussion.


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Information We Need From Your Club

  • What is the name of your book club? This will be used to identify your items on our hold shelf.
  • The date of your discussion(s) and the title(s) you will discuss. We can accept up to 12 months of titles in advance. If a title is unavailable, we can suggest another title to you.
  • How many copies do you need? Do you need any large print or audiobooks?
  • Name, email address and phone number of the primary contact for the group; the contact person must have a St. Charles Library card. This is the person who will be contacted if there are any issues or questions regarding your book club. If your book club leader is not the same as the contact person, we would also need their contact information for all book club-related communication, including discussion material, format choices, availability, etc.
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Here is What We Offer

  • Books will be available at our Library approximately five weeks before the book club date. You will be notified by email when they are available.
  • Items will be due two days after discussion.
  • Items can be checked out by any member of your group. One member may check out multiple copies, or, if a person has library cards for different people, they can be checked out to those individual card numbers. Only the primary book club contact needs a St. Charles Library card.
  • Items must be checked out at the Welcome or Research and Reading Desk so we are able to give you your “special” due date. If you choose to use the self-check, the checkout period is three weeks.
  • Any book club questions should be directed to our book club team at [email protected].


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