3D Printing

3D printing services are available for cardholding patrons at the St Charles Public Library to make three-dimensional objects from a patron-provided digital file. Both resin and filament printing are available, in a variety of colors for each.


To submit a file for 3D printing, please use our online form. Please make sure to review the types of printers and printing guidelines below before submitting your file.


Pricing for 3D printing is based on the weight of the finished object, sans supports. The item will cost 10 cents per gram of weight.

3D Printing

Dremel 3D printer

Filament Printing: Dremel 3D45

The Dremel 3D45 uses heat to melt and shape strands of plastic filament. Items printed in filament tend to be lighter and more flexible than items printed in resin, and the printing process also allows for the creation of articulated items. Items printed in filament can melt or deform if exposed to heat. Filament printing is recommended for functional items or items that might be placed under physical stress, such as articulated toys or phone cases.


When submitting a model to be printed in filament, please take into account the effects of gravity on the design. Models are printed in layers from the bottom up, and items with notable overhangs or hollow areas may need to be printed with supports, which can leave marks on the model when removed. These marks can be easily sanded or filed away.


Maximum print size: 10 x 6 x 6.5 inches (25 x 15 x 17 cm)


Resin Printing: Elegoo Mars Pro 2

The Elegoo Mars Pro 2 uses ultraviolet light to harden layers of liquid resin into solid shapes. Items printed in resin tend to be more detailed, heavier, and less flexible than items printed in filament, and are also easier to paint. Items printed in resin can chip or break if dropped or otherwise placed under stress. Resin printing is recommended for smaller items with high detail, such as costume jewelry or tabletop figures.


For ease of printing, all resin models are printed with supports, even if the design does not require them for stability purposes. Supports may leave small marks behind on the model; these can easily be sanded or filed away.


Maximum print size: 5 x 3 x 6 inches (12.5 x 7.5 x 15 cm)

Printing Requirements:


  • The design must be submitted in .stl or .obj file format.
  • The Library does not design or edit items for patrons, other than basic size scaling. The patron must provide a finished file to be printed.
  • Objects will only be printed in a single color. Specific color requests may delay printing depending on filament or resin availability.
  • Only one print request per card will be accepted and printed at a time.
  • Completion time for print jobs will vary, depending on object size and complexity and demand for the printer. The Library cannot guarantee that a print job will be ready on a specific day.
  • The patron will be notified when their item is ready for pickup via the contact information provided on the intake form.
  • Printed items must be picked up within two weeks from the date of the first notice. Items not picked up become property of the Library.
  • While the library can provide estimates of final pricing, irregularities in material weight means that these estimates are not guaranteed to be exact.