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Books & Brunch Fundraiser 2020


All ticket holders will be contacted with details on recieving a refund. Questions, please email Virginia Tsipas: vtsipas@scpld.org

Thank you for your understanding and support. 


Library Foundation Seeks Artist Submittals


The St. Charles Public Library Foundation is seeking visual art pieces in a variety of mediums including photography, painting, illustrations and mixed media for the St. Charles Public Library. The signature art piece will be permanently displayed above the library’s fireplace in the newly renovated space.

For details on criteria and the submission process, download the Request for Submittals

Questions? Please contact Edith G. Craig, Library Director at 630-584-0076 x273 or email FoundationArt@scpld.org.

St. Charles Public Library Foundation

The St. Charles Public Library is an integral part of the community that has met the information and resource needs of St. Charles residents for over 100 years. The Library's role has grown from a simple book lending service in 1906 to a multi-service library and information center using 21st-century technology.

The Library is recognized for its outstanding collections and programs. Its programs and staff have won statewide awards for excellence. The community's high use and support of the Library are indicative of the value residents place on it.

Philanthropy has played an important role in the Library's past, from funds for the first Library, the 1908 Carnegie building, to grants from the Norris Foundation to remodel the original 1908 facility. The St. Charles Public Library Foundation continues this tradition of philanthropy and service to the community.

What is the St. Charles Public Library Foundation?

The St. Charles Public Library Foundation is a nonprofit corporation established in 1993 to provide support for the Library through tax-deductible contributions.

What is its purpose?

The purpose of the Foundation is to provide funds to enhance and enrich Library programs and services.

Who are the Foundation's Leaders?

The Board of Directors is comprised of local residents who are concerned about maintaining quality information and lifelong learning resource for the community.

The current members are:

  • Dawn Lassiter-Brueske, President
  • Maggie Brewner, Vice President
  • Staci Olson, Treasurer
  • Cheryl Ledbetter, Secretary
  • Jon Duerr
  • Jennifer Gaertner
  • Cheryl Ledbetter
  • Diane E. MacNeille
  • Sharon Maholland
  • Edward Marth 
  • Jo Ann B. Poole
  • Robin Soderquist
  • Mary Ann Tilton
  • Karen L. Kaluzsa, Library Representative
  • Judi Asselborn, Friends of St. Charles Public Library

Directors Emeritus:

  • Michael A. Dixon
  • Claudia Frost
  • Robert Gephart
  • Larry Maholland
  • Pamuella Mann
  • Craig Morgan, Jr. 
  • Thomas E. Rosensteel
  • John Schmidt

Who determines how the funds will be spent?

All spending decisions and project selections are made by the Foundation Board of Directors.

Why should I donate money to the Foundation?

Private giving is essential because our goal is excellence rather than just maintenance. The cost of Library services is constantly escalating. Local property taxes support basic operations, but additional financial support is needed to provide the highest quality services and facilities, as well as life-long educational and cultural experiences.

The Library is an accessible place where everyone can pursue the joy of reading and his or her cultural and educational experience. It is the gateway to information for all citizens. Information professionals on the Library staff serve as guides through the maze of highly specialized information resources now available.

How have Foundation funds been used?

Contributions have supported programs and projects, such as the concert and speaker series, construction of the Helen Gale Story Room, renovation of the Carnegie Community Room, construction, landscaping of the south parking lot, and Student Street in Youth Services.

May I designate how my contribution is to be spent?

Yes. The Foundation accepts donations for specific projects as well as for the endowment fund.

How can I contribute?

Checks for tax-deductible contributions may be made payable to the St. Charles Public Library Foundation, and sent to:

St. Charles Public Library Foundation
One South Sixth Ave.
St. Charles, IL 60174

Please consider including the St. Charles Public Library Foundation in your estate plan. For more information, please refer to the Legacy Donor page or download the Legacy Donors brochure.

All donations are recognized. For more information, please refer to the Donor Recognition page.

For more information, please call Edith G. Craig, Library Director, at 630-584-0076, ext. 273.


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