Equity, Diversity & Inclusion



The mission of the St. Charles Public Library is to support the growth and creativity of the individual and foster the spirit of community and local economy. The SCPLD Board of Trustees affirm that we will work towards ending systemic racism and inequity in our community. We stand with the American Library Association, the Illinois Library Association and other institutions that condemn racism and all other forms of hate.


At its heart, our library has always strived to be a welcoming and patron-centric institution. We can do better. In this renewed commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion, here are the actions the Library has taken and will take to strengthen our core values and thus, strengthen our community:


  • Review outdated policies and make them more inclusive
  • Foster dialogue and civic engagement
  • Recommend resources and materials to help people learn more about systemic racism and oppression
  • Provide resources and materials to help uncover implicit bias within our staff for personal and professional development
  • Provide access to a broad collection that represents the diversity of our nation
  • Help parents and caregivers talk to children and young people about race and racism so they can understand what is happening around them and stand up for and respect others
  • Explore ways to be more inclusive in procedures and practices


In addition to the many ways we seek feedback and dialogue from our patrons, we will continue to build relationships with our intergovernmental partners, our social service agencies and other groups that represent our underserved population. Ultimately, it is the choices we make as individuals that will grow the integrity of our community.


— approved by the Board of Trustees, July 8, 2020