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  • Unlimited free streaming 24 hours per day
  • Download five songs per week; songs are yours to keep
  • Entire Sony music catalog, plus thousands of independent labels available
  • Download songs to your computer or click below to get the app for your mobile device.

           iTunes: Freegal™ Music            Google play: Freegal™ Music

Hoopla Digital

The library has a daily allotment of checkouts from Hoopla. If you receive a message that the daily limit has been reached, all available checkouts have been used for the day. The next day's allotment resets at midnight.

Stream or download up to 7 titles total among the following formats per month:

    • Movies - check out for 3 days
    • Television - check out for 3 days
    • Music - check out for 7 days
    • Audiobooks - check out for 21 days
    • Ebooks - check out for 21 days
    • Graphic Novels - check out for 21 days

        iTunes: Hoopla Digital           Google play: Hoopla Digital

Naxos Music Library

Streaming Classical, Jazz, World, and Folk music

  • Over 85,000 tracks
  • Download the Naxos Music Library app for your mobile device

          iTunes: NML               Google play: Naxos Music Library

Naxos Sheet Music Library

  • 45,000 classical sheet music titles
  • Digital sheet music in all classical genres
  • Some titles may be transposed into any key or clef and you can listen to these sections