Welcome to The Loft!


This space is for high school students only. The Loft is an always-accessible space for your study and hangout needs. The room is outfitted with plenty to help you collaborate on schoolwork and also pass the time when you and your friends just need a break. A librarian just outside the room can not only let you into the space, but also help facilitate assistance to all of your research and homework needs.


Inside the room you’ll find:

  • computers with full internet access accessible via your library card or a guest pass (obtained from a service desk)
  • study tables and chairs
  • a communal white board
  • a Nintendo Switch
  • a Playstation 5
  • an in-house comic-book collection of many popular titles
  • lots of board games for in-library use only
  • comfy couch and bean bag chairs
  • free self-help books and resources


The space is non-reservable and always open. A librarian just has to let you into the space.


For any questions regarding The Loft, please contact Anna Johanson.